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  1. Defense Mirror (India) [Magazine]
  2. Daily Soon Times (Pakistan) [Newspaper]
  3. Daily Manaqib (Pakistan) [Newspaper]
  4. Rokthok Lekhani (India) [Newspaper]
  5. Northwest Arkansas News (United States) [Newspaper]
  6. Westside Eagle Observer (United States) [Newspaper]
  7. River Valley Now (United States) [Newspaper]
  8. World Daily News 24 (India) [Newspaper]
  9. Mchaher (Saudi Arabia) [Magazine]
  10. Daily Hong Kong (Hong Kong) [Newspaper]
  11. Stiri din Romania (Romania) [Newspaper]
  12. Nigeria News (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  13. Tickernewsng (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  14. Ibomdailymail (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  15. Cheyenne Free Press (United States) [Newspaper]
  16. Bharat Prahari (India) [Newspaper]
  17. Brinswick Voice (Australia) [Newspaper]
  18. The Bridge (Australia) [Newspaper]
  19. Dominican News (Dominican Republic) [Newspaper]
  20. Naija News 24/7 (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  21. Texas Daily Enterprise (United States) [Newspaper]
  22. Naijareporter (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  23. Navajivan News (India) [Newspaper]
  24. Football Today (United Kingdom) [Magazine]
  25. La Milano (Italy) [Newspaper]
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  1. News Centric (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  2. Morocco Times TV (Morocco) [Newspaper]
  3. ExpCarry (United Kingdom) [Magazine]
  4. Watauga Online (United States) [Newspaper]
  5. Gossip Top 10 (India) [Magazine]
  6. Kinofans (Germany) [Magazine]
  7. The Basile Weekly (United States) [Newspaper]
  8. The Business Post (Bangladesh) [Newspaper]
  9. 6TV News (India) [Newspaper]
  10. News Center (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  11. Connectley Nigeria (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  12. Chowan Herald (United States) [Newspaper]
  13. The Informant247 (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  14. BimaLoan (India) [Newspaper]
  15. The US Inquirer (United States) [Newspaper]
  16. HSEWatch (Nigeria) [Magazine]
  17. The Dakota Leader (United States) [Newspaper]
  18. TechNewsrooms (India) [Magazine]
  19. Nagorik News (Bangladesh) [Newspaper]
  20. St Vincent Times (St Vincent & The Grenadines) [Newspaper]
  21. RINewsToday (United States) [Newspaper]
  22. Himachal Voice (India) [Newspaper]
  23. Baithak News (Pakistan) [Newspaper]
  24. Der Märkische Bote (Germany) [Newspaper]
  25. The Free Stater (South Africa) [Newspaper]
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